Through a network of set doctors or personal contact, update the concerned patient  with full information and recommend to avail of World Class Medical Treatment in India through Benzy Holidays.

Once decided, the patient should send the medical reports to Benzy Holidays with/without the local doctor's letter.

The medical reports will be submitted to specialized surgeons of 3 Hospitals for review to study and get a good healthy feedback and approval for further actions.

The said feedback with the estimated cost (with full package details, the required documents including terms and conditions, and bank details) will be posted to the patient to take the final decision. The patient can contact Benzy holidays to clear all the doubts.

On approval and final decision from the patient, the patient has to remit an advance payment of 50 % to Benzy Holidays.

The patient will be posted the Time and Dates for treatment to which he/she has to strictly adhere to. For any further changes, inform immediately to make amendments.

Balance of payments has to be settled in full or installments before being discharged from the hospital.

FRRO registration in India is Mandatory. Benzy Holidays will assist you for registration.

On arrival, if the patient so desires to meet the doctor/surgeon before treatment, the same can be arranged.

The patient has to give his/her consent in signature to the hospital before treatment.

After preliminary checkup, if the doctor needs to do further investigation, the patients consent will be taken into consideration.

If the patient so desires to cancel his treatment then the cancellation policy will be applied.

After surgery if the patient desires a post recovery tourism package, Benzy Holidays can arrange it at an extra cost.

After follow up and checkup, and the Fit To Travel medical certificate from the hospital , Benzy Holidays will make all the arrangements for the patient to travel back home comfortably.

The Patient is welcome to co-ordinate with Benzy Holidays any time as and when the need arises after departure to the home country.

As the patient would be traveling into India from a foreign destination, there are certain norms to be adhered to inorder for the patients admittance into the hospital to be accepted ( As per international and national rules & regulations)
Benzy Medial Services assists you in these formalities.

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