Benzy Holidays is the perfect example of customer oriented Travel Service.We have a dedicated team of professionals to assist you in all your Medical Requirements. India being a preferred Destination Worldwide for Medical Tourism; we at Benzy understand the need for professionally managed travel pre requisites as well as Medical procedures required to make your visit completely hassle free.From pre scanning reports, admission into the OPD of the hospital of your choice has never been easier. We get it done for you! You will glide into the hospital and out without a care in the world and leave with a smile on your face.Thats the kind of service we are talking about!

Our Team has an empaneled list of doctors with qualifications and credentials worldwide. So you know you are in safe hands.Our list of hospitals too, are among the best in the world and we offer you a variety of treatments; be it cosmetic surgery to a complex heart surgery.All the guidelines are available online including our procedure for admittance; with a zero wait period for your treatment.
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Benzy Holidays is a divn of The Akbar Group. Estb in 1978, Akbar Travels ranks among the top IATA agencies in India with a turnover crossing over 650 US million.The company has a PAN India presence with offices in over 75 locations across India. Our Inbound Travel division strives to offer nothing but the highest in quality service to our clients from over seas. Our Quality standards are stringent and are renewed every year.

India defies description! Each journey is a discovery!

Come See India with us! With customised and tailor made itineraries, you can cover ever nook and cranny within India with Benzy Holidays!!!

In the words of Mark Twain

" So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, by man or nature,to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds,Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing over looked."

---- Following The Equator.

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